The Trustees of Abingdon Rugby Club met via Zoom on Wednesday evening, to discuss maintaining our Club during the current Lockdown, and preparing for Rugby to return to Lambrick Way, when the current pandemic allows.

The Trustees have a responsibility to ensure that the aims of the Club Charity are met. To achieve this aim, they have to ensure that our Club continues as a center for Rugby, available to all. They met earlier in the week, to discuss how best to achieve this, whilst the current Lockdown is in place. Also, of course, how to successfully restart Rugby, and other activity, at the Club, as soon as circumstances allow.

The Clubhouse has been closed down securely, and all the necessary safety inspections of the building are taking place.

The spectator safety fence running around the First Team pitch has now been completed. Thanks to Sam Barrett for his Lockdown efforts.

Information is being given to Southern Electric to ensure bills are kept to a minimum. Costs are being reduced by controlling stock losses and pausing subscriptions for various media.

Grants have been obtained from the Vale Council, and a grant application is pending with Sport England. Any grants received will help cover lost income from the business side of the Club.

A crowd funding scheme is being considered to meet the costs of running our Club. Information regarding this is being sought from other local Clubs who have successfully run similar schemes. More news of this when a complete assessment, of potential financial liabilities, has been made.

The Trustees are grateful for the financial support that many Club members have already made through their membership subscriptions. Consideration is being given, regarding potential refund of subscriptions, bearing in mind the reduction in length of the season. A decision will be made about this, after discussion with other Clubs in the County.

The Trustees will continue to meet fortnightly.

The next full committee meeting is planned to take place, on Zoom, for Wednesday 17th February.

It’s looking like March 2021 at least, before Rugby will be possible again, and our bar and social space will be able to reopen.

We all know that our Club is not just about playing Rugby. It’s about the friendships made, and the camaraderie enjoyed. So many people, continue to work so hard to ensure the Club keeps going. This is a really tough call, during current circumstances. Every Abingdon Rugby Club player, coach, member and supporter will need to do all they can, to ensure the continuing success of the Club in the future.

Keep safe out there. Hands, Face, Space.

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