An internal "friendly" match took place on Saturday 19th, under the RFU's new rules.

It's been a long time coming, but Abingdon took advantage of a window in the Covid-19 Lockdown regulations, to play a game of full contact Rugby.

The game took place under the RFU's temporary laws, which are designed to reduce the risk of Covid transmission, whilst allowing most of the physical elements of the game, which are much loved by Rugby players and supporters.

The "Greens", led by LeeTaylor, took on the "Whites" led by Calum Meredith.

There were no scrums, mauls, or lineout catch and drives. There were regular stops for hand and equipment sanitization. Use of changing rooms was brief. This is how the game will look for the foreseeable future.

There were hatfuls of tries, and plenty of thumping tackles, as the lack of scrums allowed the game to take place at lightening speed. Good job the players have trained so hard since July, or they would never have kept up the pace.

The "Greens" finished the game 50 - 36 winners. Tim Probet was Man of the Match, with honorable mentions to Josh D'Anger and Paul Watts Aftermatch meals and drinks took place out of doors, to comply with the Tier 2 rules we are living under at present.

Thanks to referee Phil March, to Tracey and Mick for being Covid Marshals, and to coach Ger Coyne for putting things together. Liz and Helen did a great job of managing the bar, including food service, and ordering on the Bar App.

The supporters that turned up were most welcome. Sadly, under current rules, they were unable to purchase drinks. Our Club has learned enough from this game to allow sale of drinks to supporters, along with a meal, for our next home fixture, planned for 23rd January.

But mostly, thanks to all the players who took part, and who have continued their commitment to Our Club, over this extraordinary year of 2020.

Stay safe and have a Happy Christmas. Lets all have a better year in 2021

Quote of the weekend. "Feel like I've been hit by a train this morning. This new format is like Rugby League on steroids!" Adam Whitehead. Player

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