Safety in Abingdon Rugby Clubhouse after lockdown eases on 19/07/2021.

The committee and members of Abingdon Rugby Club, are delighted that Covid lockdown restrictions are easing, allowing our Club to return to something approaching normal operation.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve focussed on making Abingdon Rugby Club a safe environment to enjoy Rugby, and related activity. While the easing of restrictions means that some safety measures will no longer be a legal requirement, we’ve listened to members and other users of our Clubhouse, and we know a lot of people remain cautious.

Be aware also, that if infection spreads to certain key people, including the bar staff, or they have to self-isolate, our Club will have to close.

In line with the government advice to act carefully, we feel it’s important to continue with certain measures to be on the safe side. Please follow these guidelines, to ensure everyone using our Clubhouse, enjoys a safe and comfortable visit.

  1. Do not come to Abingdon Rugby Club if you have any symptoms suggestive of Covid. If you are not sure, phone NHS 111 helpline for advice. Also do not visit our Clubhouse if you have been asked to self-isolate, or quarantine following foreign travel.
  2.  Please use the hand sanitiser available, when you enter the Clubhouse.
  3.  Please use the NHS QR code near the entrance, or record your test and trace details on the form provided.
  4. Bar service will be restarted. Please use the queuing system in place. Two parallel queues are in operation. Use the serving area facing the main Clubhouse only.
  5. Please use the food service queuing system to pick up food from the kitchen serving area.
  6. Please wear a face covering when queuing, when circulating the Clubhouse, or using the toilets or changing areas.
  7. Please remain seated, if possible, when eating and drinking. Maintain as much social distancing as possible, by using the whole social area.
  8. Please respect the red and green entry signs at the entrance to the toilet. If queuing is required for the toilets, please queue in the corridor.
  9. Please avoid congregating in the toilets. Make your toilet visit as quick as possible.
  10. Use the changing rooms for the shortest time possible. Do not congregate in changing areas. Only use showers if you have to, make your shower as brief as possible.
  11. Please respect the wishes and safety of other members, and users of the Clubhouse at all times.
  12. Especially, please respect the safety and wishes of the bar staff. Our Club fully supports the bar team, if they decline to serve anyone, whose behaviour they feel is unacceptable. If they become contacts of infection, our Club will have to close.

Enjoy your Visit to Abingdon Rugby Club.

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